STASHBUSTER VARIATION: Kinderwhore booties with alternate toe

These are nice, comfy booties, more for keeping you warm than getting someone else hot. They have short cuffs and an elfy alternate toe (below). They knit up FAST.
Use 75 – 100g any combination light worsted wool from your stash and two US 3 circular needles for gauge close to pattern (can be a little looser)
(I used 2 different balls of hand-dyed recycled yarn and knit both socks down to the same point with the first ball, then spliced in the second ball. The total weight was 75g for my size 8 feet.)
CO as per instructions, but skip cuff and proceed directly to leg pattern. Work 4″ in pattern, then begin heel. Proceed as per pattern through to toe decrease.
Alternate Pointy Toe

Continue to decrease as specified, every other round, until you have only 4 stitches on each needle. Break yarn and draw through all stitches with a yarn needle. Cinch closed, tack down through a few stitches at the top, and weave in end, as you would with the top of a hat.

alternate pointy toe

Bear Cub Hat, or: Enough with the animal hats! (another Pony Hood variation)

This used the Hood Pattern, but skipped the collar, ears, mane, and harness.

I just cast on the number of stitches left after binding off the collar tabs and went from there until the hat was finished. Turned it inside out so the exterior was reverse stockinette.
For the ears: 2 little crocheted shells.

Used less than 2 balls Lana Grossa Ultra (discontinued; although Patons Anna, also discontinued and now $10/bag at, would also work well)

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