ERRATA Questions?

Email nikol at naughtyneedlesknitting dot com, or post them here.

ERRATA: Criss-Cross Gloves, p. 75 & 76

Row 18 on both gloves should indeed say BO 19 instead of BO 17.

Thanks to both Steph & xoe–your questions have been stuck in my comment spam filter forever.

ERRATA: Felt Up, p. 91

FRONT PANEL, Line 3 of instructions should read:

Starting with WS (P), work 2 (4, 6, 6) rows stockinette st.

instead of 3 (5, 7, 7).

Thanks to Kymberlee P. for the catch!

ERRATA: Zelda, p. 53

First line should read
SKIRT DECREASE–72 (72, 78, 78) ROWS

instead of 96 (96, 102, 102).

Also, the last line of that skirt decrease section is oddly worded. You should continue to place the decreases in the first row of those last 3 (3, 4, 4) 6-row lace sets.

Thanks to Nicole G. for alerting me to the error!

And on that note, anyone using the patterns: please do give a shout when you have questions or notice anything fishy.

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