A few costume pictures

These came from a photo shoot for poster art reference for the show (amongst other things–it was a multi-purpose affair). Some are mine and some are Laurenn McCubbin. She and Ben Radatz are both making posters for the show. Yay!

1. Backstage, 2. Devil Etta 2, 3. Big Bad Wolf bottoms, 4. Smiling mermaid, 5. Nikol, Wolf and Hood, 6. Felted Fez and One Skein Wonder Jacket, 7. Big Bad Wolf, 8. Unravelling Dress, 9. Devil Etta, 10. Big Bad Wolf bottoms, 11. Wicked Etta Vendetta in her fringed skirt, 12. Starfish Pasties Closeup, 13. You devil!, 14. Mermaid, de-tailed and shelled, 15. Backstage – Nikol

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

BTW, I’ll be teaching some knitting classes at the Sew & Quilt Expo in Chicago (Oct. 11 – 13), Kansas City (Oct 25-26), and Minneapolis (Nov. 8 – 10), so sign up! I’m teaching my stash shawl, fingerless gloves your way (basic pattern with scads of variations), and hat menagerie (basic helmet hat–same skeleton as the Pony Hood–with a zooful of ear and festooning variations to make your favorite animal). Whee!

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