FREE Bonus Pattern: Giddyup Pony Hood

Here’s a charming pattern that got cut for space. It’s a fitted hood with a collar strap, and aside from pony play, the basic hat pattern can be decorated to produce any number of animal or novelty effects. This is worked with 2 strands of worsted, but you can sub one strand of bulky, worked to gauge. You can easily adjust for size buy varying the thickness of the yarn. Patterns are pdfs.

Models: Rachel Kieserman & Nathan Regener

The bridle and bit are removable, so you can hit the slopes in your pony “hat” without scaring the tourists (or go ahead and leave the bit in place, if that’s your thing).

Variations: My Little Ponyhood and Debil Zevil hat


Unisex M (L)
Where no parentheses are used, instructions/quantities apply to all sizes.

Yarn, etc.
Note: Substitute stash yarns to gauge. I used:

[A] 1 ball Bernat Lana (100g; 217yd/198m;100% merino wool), 09040 ebony
[B] 1 hank Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight 100% Alpaca (50g; 110yd/100m; 100% alpaca), 073 tarnished gold
[C] 1 ball Berroco Bling Bling (50g; 92yd/85m; 60% cotton, 38% acrylic, 2% aluminum), 1545 rust/gold
[D] 1 hank Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky (100g; 45yd/41m; 50% alpaca, 50% wool), 1007 gray wolf
2 1½” D-rings
4 (or more) 1″ D-rings
3-4″ piece of heavy black rubber hose (similar to garden hose; sold by the foot at hardware stores)
Optional: 5 yds white eyelash scrap yarn (for star)

Needles & Notions

US 10 (6mm) needles, or size necessary to achieve gauge
US 10 (6mm) double pointed needles, or close size
M Crochet hook


STOCKINETTE stitch, double strand of yarn A: 4″ =12.5 st


• If you’d like it a bit more low key for non-pony use, substitute eyelets or little chain crochet loops for the D-rings, as they’ll blend in better when the bridle is off.
• The bridle shown is simple, but you can make it as elaborate as you like, adding more rings to the hood and length to the cord for more elaborate tack.
• This pattern calls for 2 strands alpaca [B] for softness and one strand of a foil-printed cotton blend [C] for a little strength & sparkle, but the pattern will work fine with 3 strands of either one or the other—just make sure you wind off several yards in advance for the 3-strand portions.
• All M1=invisible increase


With 2 strands B and 1 strand C, CO 48 st.
Rows 1-5: Sl 1, *K1 P1 to 1 st from end; K1.
Row 6: BO 18 st knitwise, knit to end—30 st.
Row 7: Sl 1, BO 1 st, drop yarns B & C and start 2 strands yarn A. BO 1 more st and K to end of row—28 st

Shape hood
• Markers will be used to place increases in the even rows.
• All increases will be invisible M1.
• Increases will be placed 1 st to either side of marker.
• Count your stitches after every increase row to be sure you’re on track: Row 2—32 st; Row 4—36 st; Row 6—40 st, Row 8—44 st; Row 10—48 st.
Row 1: Sl 1, K2, P6, PM, P10, PM, P6, K3.
Row 2 (and all even rnds): Sl 1 K to 1 st before marker, M1, K2 (slipping marker), M1, K to 1 st before marker, M1, K2 (slipping marker), M1 K to end.
Row 3 (and all odd rows): Sl 1, K2, P to 3 st from end, K3.
Row 11: Sl 1, K2, P42, K3
Row 12: S1 1 K47
Repeat last 2 rows 3 (5) more times.

Row 1: Sl 1 K2 P42 K3 CO 12—60 st
Row 2: K60
Row 3: K3 P42 K 15
Repeat Rows 2 and 3 two more times
Work 2 (6) more rows in stockinette

Shape Crown
Row 1: *K2tog K4 repeat from * to end—50 st
Row 2: (and all even rows until Row 11): Purl.
Row 3: *K2tog K3 repeat from * to end—40 st
Row 5: *K2tog K2 repeat from * to end—30st
Row 7: *K2tog K1 repeat from * to end—20st
Row 9: *K2tog repeat from * to end—10st
Row 11: *PK2tog repeat from * to end—5
Break yarn, leaving 12″ tail.
With yarn needle, run yarn through 5 remaining live st, then seam forehead and weave in end.

Slip D-rings through short nub end of collar, and sew nub down to inside.
Before cutting all your fringe, cut a few different lengths of Yarn C, hook them onto the crown and back of the hood, and see what length suits you.
Then, using a piece of cardboard cut to size, wind and cut Yarn C to desired length for a mane. With a crochet hook, fringe hood from crown to collar. Start with one row along the center and work outwards until you achieve your desired mane.

Ears (Make 2)
CO 10
Row 1: Sl 1, K to end
Row 2. Sl 1, P to 1 st from end, K1
Repeat rows 1 & 2
Row 5: Sl 1, K2, ssk, K2tog, K3—8 st
Repeat Row 2
Repeat Rows 1 and 2, twice
Row 11: Sl 1, K1, ssk, K2tog, K2—6 st
Repeat Row 2
Row 13: Sl 1, ssk, k2tog, K1—4st
Row 14: P2tog, ssp
K2tog, break yarn, and pull through.
Sew to top of hat on either side of mane.

Harness strap
With 1 strand B and one strand C (or two of either) and double pointed needles, CO 5. Work 24-56″ I-cord, depending how you want to wrap the bridle (hood shown uses shorter cord).

Harness & Collar Loops
Slide two 1.5″ D-rings onto short nub of collar. Fold in and sew down.
With 2 strands A, PU 5 st at top center of face opening.
Sl 1 K4. Turn and repeat once. BO.
Repeat (but work 1 extra row on only one of the tabs) on either side 2″ up from collar along side of face opening.
Starting with top tab, slide a 1″ D ring on and sew down tab securely to inside of hood.
Repeat with the shorter side tab. At the longer side tab, place two D rings.
Starting at double ring side, feed harness through both rings, through rubber bit, through single ring at opposite side, up to ring at top, back down to double rings, where it buckles at the side. (Longer cords can wrap around head drape around head to form reigns before buckling.)

©2006 Nikol Lohr &


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