FREE BONUS PATTERN: Kitten with a Whip, Take 2 (Braided Barbed Version)

(Picture and schematic to be added as soon as I’ve got my data back!)

An alternate version of the Naughty Needles “Kitten With a Whip” pattern, this long leather whip features a knitted grip, a tapering braid, and little leather “barbs.”

Yarn, etc.
1 spool Tejas Lace Company Pro-Lace (3/32″ x 50yd; 100% leather), 01 black
clear or black zip ties

Needles & Notions
US 10 (6mm) needles, or comfortable size

Gauge is not critical.


Cut nine 4-yd strips of leather.
Fold three cords at 3′ from end, three cords at 4′ from end, and three cords at 5′, from end.
Bundle folded ends and secure with a zip tie 18″ from folds.
Handle Braid

Starting with short end, divide loops equally and braid down to end.
Feed a zip tie through all the loops, then double the braid back up on itself, and secure it to the starting point with a another zip tie right. Trim all zip tie ends.
Then turn to the long side. Divide strands into 3 sections of 6 strands, one of each length.
Loosely (you’ll want to be able to easily remove ties) bundle and tie off each section with yarn or extra zip ties at 18″ increments, to keep it all tidy while you braid.
Have a friend hold the end, or loop the handle over a door knob, and braid tightly down to the end. The braid will be thicker at the base and taper to a skinny tip, with little ends sticking out where they stop like barbed wire.
Firmly knot off the end.

Leaving an 18″ tail, CO 6.
Work 3 rows in garter stitch
Work 20 rows of stockinette
Work 3 more rows of garter
BO final row.
The natural curl of the stockinette will make it easy to shape handle around flogger. Wrap around zip-tied center to conceal all ties. Seam from the bottom up, then weave in end down through shaft and out bottom (use a large crochet hook if you’re having trouble).

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