D-Ring Cast-on

You can use this technique to cast on around D-rings, fasteners, purse handles, etc.

You’ll cast on over the D-ring using the long-tail cast-on method. After each stitch, you’ll slip the tail back through the ring from back to front, then pick it up and hold it as usual, and cast on the next stitch. The first stitch and tail pull-through is a little different.


Start by slipping the ring over the loop on your thumb, then cast on as usual:

Snug up your first cast-on stitch and it will look like this:

After snugging each cast-on stitch, you’ll loop the tail back through the ring from back to front and continue with the next stitch. But after the first stitch, you’ll notice you can’t just pull the tail through, or you’ll undo your stitch.

So just for the first stitch, you’ll loop the tail around the other side of the yarn before pulling it through the ring:

Snug it up, then cast on the next stitch, holding the tail around your thumb and the other end around your index finger, as usual.

Here’s how it will look on your hands before you cast on each time (this picture shows several stitches cast on, but it will look the same no matter):

The tail comes up through the center of the ring onto your thumb, the other end is looped on your index finger, as usual.

After that first stitch, you won’t need to do anything special with the tail, other than just slip it through the ring from back to front.

Continue casting on, snugging up, looping the tail through, and casting on again until you have the desired number of stitches.

After you have as many stitches as you’d like, continue to knit as usual:

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