Here’s what people are saying about Naughty Needles

The New York Times: Fast Women Knit and Bad Girls Purl by Liesl Schillinger
 ”Ms. Lohr’s beautifully illustrated and coyly annotated book, “Naughty Needles,” could be a 50’s pinup calendar for wool fetishists. The tableaus she presents are provocative in a retro way, mixing Betty Boop va-va-voom with Doris Day innocence.”

Knitty: Cool Stuff review by Jillian Moreno
 ”Her designs take much of their inspiration from vintage lingerie and movies, and along with being flirty — they fit. The patterns have excellent instruction on shaping and fitting.” Review/Interview by Natalie Zee Drieu
 ”The book takes its inspiration from the swinging 50′s and 60′s with a wide range of cute patterns as well as some brought to you with tongue-in-cheek humor, as in the “Dress-Up” section. Nurse anyone? … This book takes a fresh and stylish leap into the sexy and saucy world of knitting. Finally, a book with patterns we can really indulge in and make something fun for ourselves!”

The Village Voice: Kinky Knitknacks: An old housewifes’ craft evolves into a tool of seduction by Rachel Kramer Bussel
 ”…while her images and patterns have that fun factor, they’re also so kinky the book could have easily been called Filthy, Fuck-Me Needles… This is not mere peekaboo. We’re talking full-on seduction mode—fishnets, straitjackets, whips, and plenty of racy lingerie.”

SF Gate/San Francisco Chronicle: Knitting for Adults Only by Violet Blue
 ”one peek under the covers shows that this book is one part knitting manual of style, and one part sex toy all by itself…. From start to finish, the book is filled with wickedly sexy pinup color photographs of hip-looking girls and guys in various demonstrations of the naughtily knitted product.”

Edge: 2006 Holiday Gift Guide by Jason Salzenstein
“Naughty Needles definitely isn’t your grandma’s knitting. (Or maybe it is and she’s just not telling you!)”

Knitter’s Review: 2006: The Year in Review mention by Clara Parkes
 ”This was also the year for battling stodgy stereotypes and proving (or trying to) that knitters can be hip and downright nasty. Toward this end we had several new knitting books packed with saucy, sexual innuendos ranging from subtle to handcuff-me-to-a-chair blatant.”

Stacy Sews Review
 ”So, you’ve been thinking about adding a hobby to your repertoire, but have been turned off by knitting because it sounds like something your grandma should be doing? Think again, knitting is getting sexy thanks to Nikol Lohr’s book, Naughty Needles.”

Vickie Howell (Host of Knitty Gritty)Review
 ”Naughty Needles is a hilarious, yet very sexy ode to the bondage/pin-up days of the ’50s and 60′s. There’s a lot of whips and chain stitch within its 140+ pages but also, some very cool, well thought out knits that make a girl proud to not be one of those emaciated models of today.”

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